As experienced and certifying Plumbers and Gasfitters we can repair and service on any brand of gas or electric water heater, cooktop or heating system as long as it meets NZ standards and the parts are still available. But, like anything in life, you get what you pay for so if you’re building, renovating or just upgrading an appliance, here are some of the brands and products we recommend for quality and longevity.

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Rheem Electric Hot Water Cylinders

Rheem is one of New Zealand’s most trusted brands for electric water heaters. Designed and manufactured to meet NZ’s standards, Rheem is backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Available in Low Pressure or Mains Pressure Rheem has a hot water cylinder to suit virtually every situation.

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Rheem Gas Califonts, Heat Pumps & Solar Water Heaters

With the electricity costs on the rise, an increasing amount of kiwis are switching to gas califonts and solar water heating systems. The Rheem brand originated in New Zealand and is designed to meet our conditions and standards.

Their Continuous Flow hot water system has become synonymous with gas water heating and continues to set the standard for all gas water heating be it commercial or residential.

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Rinnai Heating and Water Heating Solutions

If you’re after an efficient hot water cylinder or a gas hot water system or heater, Rinnai has pioneered many of NZ’s most energy efficient heating solutions.

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3M Products

3M water filtration products allows you to enjoy great tasting water straight from the tap. It is a quick job to install the filters with a variety of options for both commercial and domestic use.

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Zenith Hydro Taps

With a Zenith tap you can treat yourself to instant boiling, chilled or even sparkling filtered drinking water.

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Zenith Washroom Systems

Zenith Touch-Free Washroom Systems have some fantastic options for commercial or high end residential bathrooms such as touch-free infrared taps and touch-free pan flushing systems and urinals.

Zenith offer great options for both commercial or residential use.

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