Our qualified plumbers have the latest equipment and can provide a full spectrum of installation, maintenance and repair services including:

Hot Water Cylinders

We install, repair and relocate hot water cylinders and can also upgrade your low pressure to a mains pressure cylinder. Following installation or repair, we’ll provide a maintenance plan to help keep your system operating efficiently and optimise the lifespan of your hot water cylinder. We’re experienced with all brands and can advise the best size to suit your requirements.

Kitchen Taps & Water Filters

Kitchen taps are the most used taps in any household so it’s important to choose a reputable brand, backed by a good warranty. But even the best brands may eventually drip and can waste a surprising amount of water. We can repair or replace old or dripping taps. We can also install water filters and replace your cartridges. Feel free to give us a call for advice on tapware or filters.

Water Leaks and Problem Pipes

We have the technology to find and repair any leak be it underground or behind a wall. We can also determine the cause of blocked, smelly or noisy pipes and fix the issue.

Plumbed Appliances

We can plumb in your new dishwasher and hook your new fridge / icemaker up to filtered water to provide you with premium quality ice.

Pipe Out

If you are building or renovating we can price from your plan and help you select appropriate fixtures and fittings to suit your look and budget.

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